Our Story

Hello :)
I am Kristin Darlin, the founder of Darlin Beach Company. I started this company after studying business in my classes at Florida Atlantic University. I was extremely interested in the subjects and wanted to start my own business while taking classes. But... I didn't want to start just any business. I wanted to start one that expressed my love for the ocean. One that gave back. One that brought people together.
It has been one of the coolest learning experiences I've ever been through. Even though Darlin Beach Co. has a far way to go from where I envision it, I am along for the ride!
We donate 10% of all profits to Gumbo Limbo in Boca Raton, Florida. They are a nonprofit that rescues injured sea turtles and rehabilitate them back to good health, set up community events to teach the public about pollution and so much more!
I hope you enjoy our products and possibly join one of our beach cleanups near you!